About Katie

Hello friends! Katie would like to welcome you to her website, her heart, and her home. Okay, maybe not her home. Don’t show up. Don’t be that creep. But if you do, be warned that Katie sleeps with a machete under her bed.

Well, now that we’re all acquainted and a little weirded out; let’s get to know Katie!

Originally from Sacramento, Katie is now a Los Angeles based actress, writer, comedian and singer / songwriter. When she’s not working, you can typically find her knitting a scarf while explaining in specific detail, where to find the best cupcakes in an accent of a sturdy 90-year-old Jewish woman. (Disclaimer: she is not a 90-year-old Jewish woman) 



When she is working, she’s creating humorous, topical and engaging material. Sometimes it will make you think. Sometimes it will make you dream. Sometimes it will make you pee your pants. Or all of the above. That’s right; a combination of sharing intelligence, inspiring motivation and forcing overactive bladders. Katie Wilbert doesn’t eff around.

Most recently Katie had the opportunity to jump in and re-write the original musical, "Mannequin Man by Day, Tenor by Night" (performing in LA this September, 2018).

Last year she had the pleasure of  filming on her first indie feature film, starring as the lead in “Get You Back” (2017). And cameos in the indie horror film just released, “Beginners Guide to Snuff” (2017.)

She’s a co-writer for Season 2 of web series #TheAssignment, whose channel has amassed over 6.6 million views worldwide. And she is the co-creator & writer of award-winning web series Terrible HR (2015) along with being the writer & creator of award winning parody series Doing a Dunham. (2014)

Katie also recently finished the entire Groundling's program, and woo-wee do she feel accomplished (and very funny!)

Katie’s one-woman show, This Life Chose Me: A Ninja Musical was invited to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, where she received a Fringe Top Pick from WhatsOnStage (Only 40 shows out of 2800 received this mention.) Does the machete under her bed make a little more sense now? This whole comedy thing is just a front for her being an undercover ninja. Oops. Initiate extraction protocol. Soon you will have no memory of this. You will, however, wake up to find someone has organized your home, left a motivational quote on your pillow and everything smells like cookies.

Ninja: OUT.

Being a ninja is only one of the many on-stage personas she has portrayed or written in an impressive list of writing, acting and directing in the theatre. (Katie requests you pronounce “theatre” like a 74-year-old pretentious British actor wearing a purple and pink plaid ascot, with a velvet red robe and smoking a pipe in front of a vintage fireplace)

Some of her other accomplishments include being the writer & director of the following Second City sketch revue shows: Shametown (2017), Safe Space (2016), Jeff Goldblume Time Traveling Prophet (2015), and Love Mafia (2014). She has performed as Chelsea Clinton in Second City’s Premium show President Hillary (2015) and was also a staff writer/ songwriter for the premium Second City political satire musical, Candidates Confessions: A Cabaret. (2016) 

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IMG_5791_Facetune_18-08-2018-09-46-40 2.JPG

Writer/ host /musician

She is one of the hosts of the SNL after show on AfterBuzzTV and is also the host of the Ladies Stand Up Nights at The Second City stage. At Second City, Katie is a graduate of both their Improv & Sketch Conservatory programs as well as the Second City Directing Program.

Katie also formed a musical comedy duo, “JK Comedy,” with fellow funny lady, Jessie Sherman. Similar in scope to “Garfunkle & Oats,” or “Lonely Island,” JK Comedy tackles real life issues with deliciously catchy melodies and comedic music videos. Their first comedy single, “Are We Dating or Are We Just Friends,” went viral and received nominations and wins for Best Comedic Short at the IndieFilm Fest Awards (2015) and the Los Angeles Short Film Festival (2016).

Katie won a “Best Supporting Actress” award at the IndieFest Film Awards for “Are We Dating or Are We Just Friends” (2015). She also received recognition for starring in a video that went viral with the FunnyOrDie exclusive video, “Sad Lonely Girl,” which was nominated for Best Comedic Short in the Make Em Laff competition as part of the LA Film Festival. Most recently she has been honored by becoming one of Elizabeth Banks’ featured “Funny Ladies” on WhoHaHa.com.

Other fun stuff?

Now for some fun facts: She wrote the commercial for Linkosuo Rye Chips featuring hockey star Jori Lehtera (2016) and she filmed a travel video in Japan for Contiki (2016). But most notably she’s gained multiple accolades such as “Creepiest Smile in the Group Picture”, “Most Likely to Bring You Chocolate When You’re Having a Hard Day” and “Being the Most Jewish You Can Be, Without Actually Being Jewish.”

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